Day care center for children with family center

Miltenberg, 2018 / 1st prize and construction

The monastery garden of the former Franciscan monastery, surrounded by mighty natural stone walls, represents a green oasis in the historic city center of Miltenberg. A place that combines centrality and security in an ideal way. At the same time, however, it is also a sensitive place with a great history, whose development with a day care center requires caution and precision. The new building is clamped between the monastery walls as a single-story pavilion and thus divides the garden into the free play area of the daycare center and a publicly accessible open space, which is designed in the spirit of the former monastery garden. The house follows the topography of the terrain with its gently staggered terracing. The new building will be erected as a constructive timber construction with visible surfaces. Its tactile and atmospheric qualities make it a house to touch. Each group room has a spatially integrated climbing element that rises above the roof surface as a lookout. This creates a place of retreat for dreaming, reading or reflecting.


Competition 2018
1st prize

Mainstraße 19
63897 Miltenberg