Kulturraffinerie K714

Monheim, 2018 / 1st prize and construction

The historic barrel filling hall with its elaborate brick façade and distinctive supporting structure defines an identity-creating framework for the creation of an unmistakable event location. The Kulturraffinerie is located on the northern edge of the city of Monheim and acts as a landmark visible from afar from the passing Rhine promenade. Located directly on the Rhine, the refinery also offers a wonderful view over the water - the best conditions for a cultural site of supraregional importance. In our design, a dematerialized cube rises above the expressive silhouette of the six-bay brick building, slightly set back, and becomes a visible sign of the new function of the house. Quite inconspicuous during the day, the backlit cube begins to glow as darkness falls. Its facade, which can be used for multimedia presentations, carries information about events into the urban space.


Competition 2018 / 1st prize
Client City of Monheim
Gross floor area 13,200 m²
Gross volume 83,300 m³

40789 Monheim