Frida Levy Comprehensive School

Essen, 2023 / 1st prize

The Frida Levy Comprehensive School in Essen is an integrated comprehensive school with a pronounced cultural focus. In accordance with this focus, the auditorium is designed as an independent structure that appears on an equal level with the actual school building and the gymnasium.
A composition of three wooden structures on a common and connecting exposed concrete base is placed on the site in such a way that, on the one hand, the block connection to Varnhorststraße, which is desirable for urban planning and noise protection reasons, is achieved and, on the other hand, the solitary character of a school building is preserved through the emphasis on the individual structures despite the "block edge" and the school thus remains perceptible as such in the urban space.

Blick vom Schulhof


Competition 2023, 1st prize

Site plan

Figure ground plan

Erdgeschoss mit Schulhof

Erdgeschoss mit Vorplatz

Grundriss Cluster


Ansicht Eingang