Revitalization of the Hotel am Schlossgarten

Stuttgart, 2022 / Honorable mention

The Hotel am Schlossgarten is a remarkable building, which with its lightness and elegance exemplifies the architecture of the 1960s. In the course of its now 60-year service life, however, some insensitive structural interventions have been made to the building, which have noticeably weakened the original design idea. Particularly in the base floor, there is no longer any sign of the former transparency and permeability. The original planning of the architect Hans Paul Schmohl serves us as a creative model for our design. In a design transfer process, we want to try to transfer his conceptual thoughts to the present day. In the numerous constructive and rational questions that have to be solved in the revitalization of the hotel, this inspiring guiding principle is always an important decision criterion. In addition to the technical and structural upgrading of the building, our goal is to restore the building to its original charm so that it can continue to characterize the prominent location between the castle gardens, the central station and Königstraße with its elegance.

Site plan

Ground floor