German Embassy of the Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, 2019 / 1st rank and construction

The former girls' highschool is located in the historical district of Chisinau and was originally built as a private house in 1886. The neoclassical building has had various functions thereafter until it was partially destroyed by earthquakes in 1977 and 1986 and eventually abandoned. The striking façade of the national architecture monument offers the opportunity to create a distinctive embassy building that derives its unique character from the dialogue between old and new. In order to bring its former splendor back to life, the building will be redesigned for the headquarters of the German Embassy. Towards the street and the neighbouring buildings, the original facade will be restored and partially reconstructed in order to achieve its old image. Towards the courtyard, the modern new building is structured in a complementary manner along the old contour of the old building and respectfully separates itself from it with two generous joints on the south and north sides. The new building keeps the materiality of the old building - the local limestone – and it succeeds in creating a neutral and delicate addition. The new complex includes the typical functions of an embassy with a visa office, but also houses the official and private residence.