Schickhardt Community School

Stuttgart, 2024 / Honorable mention

The new building occupies the corner of the inner-city block at the intersection of Cottastraße and Heusteigstraße as a striking polygonal structure. In addition to the volumetric completion of the city block, it will become a defining public building on a lively square in Stuttgart's Heusteig district that can be used in a variety of ways. Last but not least, the building, together with the listed Theodor Fischer building, creates a clearly contoured schoolyard that can also be used as an extension of the adjacent public urban space. By upgrading the design of the surrounding streets, which will be traffic-calmed in future, it will be possible to create a generous network of street space and schoolyard. A great benefit for the residents of the neighborhood.
The structure of the new building was chosen so that the smaller rooms and access elements wrap around the stacked large rooms on three sides like a cloak. The sports hall, canteen, classrooms and staff rooms face south towards the schoolyard.

Blick über den Schulhof


Competition 2024
Honorable mention

Grundriss Erdgeschoss

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