Creative quarter Jutier- und Tonnenhalle

Munich, 2017 / 1st rank and construction

The future use of the two listed industrial halls built in 1926 forms the cultural focus in Munich's new creative quarter. The workshop character resulting from the conservation of the old building shells is to be revealed to the visitor not only in the exterior but also in the interior, which is why special importance is attached to the preservation of the load-bearing structures and the original surfaces and fixtures. Both halls will therefore be organized according to the house-in-house principle, in which the spaces between the historical shell and the new building parts serve as foyer and access areas. The filigree Tonnenhalle (barrel hall) with its band-like axial layout accommodates a large concert hall, smaller multi-purpose halls and catering areas. The rather sculptural Jutierhalle will be equipped with a modular system of connectable studio boxes, which will ensure that the spatial continuum of the hall can be experienced in the future. The result is coworking spaces that can be used in a variety of ways within, between and on the space modules.

Interior view of the Jutierhalle


VOF Procedure 2016
1st prize and construction
Planned completion 2024
Client City of Munich
Gross floor area 14,884 m²
Gross volume 82,640 m³

Dachauer Straße 110
80636 München

Interior view of the Tonnenhalle

Site plan

Floor plans

Longitudinal sections

Views of the Jutier- and Tonnenhalle

Detail entrance

Detail of the great Hall in the Tonnenhalle