Integrated comprehensive school

Rinteln, 2017 / 1st prize and construction

A simple and clear building joins the ensemble on the school grounds opposite the entrance to the existing school. The building is placed in such a way that a weather protected connection between existing and new buildings is possible. Towards the schoolyard, the building will have a continuous entrance zone along its entire length, which will serve as a welcoming gesture, a covered break area, a communication area and for the access of the individual clusters. The result is a low-threshold entrance to a bright and friendly school building. Three rectangular double clusters sit on a continuous pedestal occupied by specialist rooms and administration, which are structured and lit via inner courtyards. The building is designed as a two-storey timber-frame structure, whereby the timber construction is conceptual in design, since almost all of the essential structural framework and components remain visible inside. Pleasant room atmosphere and material haptics are combined with rational production, short construction time and exemplary sustainability.


Competition 2017
1st prize

Paul-Endriß-Straße 1
31737 Rinteln