Traffic Police Station Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg-Hösbach, 2018

The Traffic Police Service is located is located on a plot of land that gently slopes downhill towards the A3 freeway, which runs about 100 meters north. Taking advantage of the topography, the offices are housed in a two-storey block with ground level access. This is located on a dark plinth floor, which is only visible from the valley side and accommodates the adjoining rooms. The elongated, approximately 65-meter-long building has a facade of white, through-dyed precast concrete elements. Its fine relief is emphasized by the slightly shiny surface of the acidified white concrete. The compact, three-flush floor plan is enriched by skylight situations.


VOF Procedure 2014 / 1st rank
Comletion 2018
Client State Building Authority Aschaffenburg
Gross floor area 2,800 m²
Gross volume 10,765 m³

Aschaffenburger Straße 5
63768 Hösbach

White concrete precast acidified
Bush hammered concrete
Anodized aluminium
Quarry rough limestone