BDB Music Academy
Staufen im Breisgau
New district government building
Dusseldorf 2024 / 3rd prize
New innovation campus of the Sto Group
Stühlingen-Weizen, 2024 / 2nd prize
Sorbian Museum
Bautzen, 2023 / 2nd prize
Concert Hall
Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), 2023 / 1st prize
Green experience center in the Luisenpark
Mannheim, 2023
Requalification of the Acropole of Byrsa and Rehabilitation of the National Museum of Carthage
Tunisia, 2023 / 1st prize
Frida Levy Comprehensive School
Essen, 2023 / 1st prize
Town hall and community center
Holzwickede, 2023
Day care center for children with family center
Miltenberg, 2022
Integrated Comprehensive School
Rinteln, 2021
Museum and Cultural Forum
Arnsberg, 2019
Mainzer Tor - Museum Depot, City Archive and Youth Center
Miltenberg, 2019
Citizen Service Center
Ulm, 2019
Science Center for the Augustinianum Secondary School
Greven, 2018
Traffic Police Station Aschaffenburg
Aschaffenburg-Hösbach, 2018
Transfer Center for Technology and Innovation of the Technical University
Deggendorf, 2018
Youth and Community Center Flamingoweg
Stuttgart-Neugereut, 2017
Anneliese Brost Music Forum
Bochum, 2016
Civic Center
Lohr am Main, 2016
Extension of the Technical University
Deggendorf, 2015
Faculty of Informatics and Data Center of the BTU
Cottbus, 2013
Police Station
Mössingen, 2012
Community Center with Library
Unterföhring (Munich), 2010
Upper Austrian State Library
Linz (Austria), 2010
Community Center
Poing (Munich), 2009
Experimental Laboratory XLAB
Göttingen, 2004
Student Housing at Saalepark
Hof, 2004
Showroom of the company Rathgeber
Herbrechtingen, 2005
Charlottenburg Palace - Visitor Center and conversion to Central Visitor Reception
Berlin, 2021 / 1st prize and construction
Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma
Heidelberg, 2021 / 1st prize and construction
Criminal Investigation Department and Police Station
Calw, 2021 / 1st prize and construction
Justice District - extension and restructuring - Justice Area Hall Building
Stuttgart, 2020 / 1st rank and construction
German Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
Chisinau, 2019 / 1st rank and construction
Office portrait
Stuttgart, 2021
Office portrait
Stuttgart, 2019
Kulturraffinerie K714
Monheim, 2018 / 1st prize and construction
Refurbishment and expansion of education center with adult education center, music school and daycare center
Rottenburg am Neckar, 2019 / 1st rank and construction
New Apostolic Church
Pforzheim, 2018 / 1st rank and construction
Protestant community center
Bad Friedrichshall - Kochendorf, 2021
Creative quarter Jutier- und Tonnenhalle
Munich, 2017 / 1st rank and construction
German Embassy Morocco
Rabat, 2018 / 1st prize and construction
Vocational school
Regensburg, 2018 / 1st rank and construction
Campus of the University of Beverage Technology
Geisenheim, 2017 / 1st prize and construction
XLAB Meeting Center and Guest House
Göttingen, 2018 / VgV procedure
MIN-Forum and Faculty of Informatics
Hamburg, 2012 / 1st prize
Revitalization of the Hotel am Schlossgarten
Stuttgart, 2022 / Honorable mention
Extension of the School Campus East
Kornwestheim, 2023 / Honorable Mention
Extension Museum of Plaster Molding of the National Museums Berlin
Berlin, 2022 / Honorable Mention
Campus Golzheim - Academy of Music and District Government
Düsseldorf, 2022 / 2nd prize
State Archaeological Museum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Rostock, 2022 / Honorable Mention
House for Film and Media
Stuttgart, 2022 / 3rd prize
Institute building, workshop and laboratory of HTWG Konstanz
Konstanz, 2021 / 2nd prize
Spa house
Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, 2021 / Honorable Mention
Extension of the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music
Dresden, 2021 / Honorable Mention
Design Studio
Selb 2021 / 2nd prize
District Court Bitburg
Bitburg, 2020 / 3rd prize
Teaching and Learning Center of the University of Tübingen
Tübingen, 2020 / Honorable mention
JLU Gießen - Lecture Hall Center Philosophikum I
Gießen, 2020 / 2nd prize
Extension of the St. Ursula Schools
Freiburg i. Br., 2020 / 2nd prize
Conversion of the Old Winery into a Cultural Center
Bad Neustadt an der Saale, 2020 / 2nd prize
Culture house 'Auf der Freiheit'
Schleswig, 2019 / 3rd prize
Indoor and outdoor pool Herzogenried
Mannheim, 2019 / Honorable mention
Popular Theatre
Rostock, 2019 / 3rd prize
Community Center and City Hall
Essen, 2019 / 2nd prize
Residential complex for students on KIT Campus East
Karlsruhe, 2019 / 3rd prize
Trave Campus of the Chamber of Crafts
Lübeck, 2019 / 3rd prize
Chancellery of the German Embassy Benin
Cotonou, 2017 / 1st prize / stopped after work phase 3
City Museum
Oldenburg, 2019 / Honorable Mention
Visitor Center, Media and Documentation Center, Museum
Friedland, 2018 / 3rd prize
German Embassy Botswana
Gaborone, 2014 / 1st prize / stopped after work phase 3
New building for computer science / mathematics at Goethe University
Frankfurt am Main, 2018 / 3rd prize
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics - EMAE
Frankfurt am Main, 2018 / 2nd prize
Daycare center
Biberach, 2018 / 3rd prize
Expansion of the Offenburg-Ortenau trade fair
Offenburg, 2018 / Honorable Mention
New secondary school building
Landshut, 2017 / Honorable Mention
Laboratory building WAL - Beuth University of Applied Sciences
Berlin, 2017 / 2nd prize
Pedestrian and cycle bridge
Radolfzell, 2017 / 3rd prize
Security center of Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berlin, 2016 / 2nd prize
Operating building of Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berlin, 2016 / 2nd prize
Budapest Square
Stuttgart, 2016 / Purchase
Festival Hall
Roth, 2014 / 1st prize / stopped after work phase 2
Foot- and cycle path bridge
Heidelberg, 2007 / 1st prize / stopped after design phase
HFF University of Television and Film and Museum of Egyptian Art
Munich, 2004 / 3rd prize