Green experience center in the Luisenpark

Mannheim, 2023

One of the special qualities of Luisenpark is that the landscape elements allow the structural elements to recede into the background. Therefore, in our design realized together with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, the new buildings were not developed as buildings in the classical sense, but as organically shaped, single-story pavilions that are framed by the surrounding park. An elegantly curved roof structure resting on filigree supports covers the floor-to-ceiling glazed interiors, creating a flowing transition between interior and exterior space. Finely shining, dark green glazed ceramic elements enclose the adjoining room zones. The flat silhouette of the slender roof edge slides under the overhanging branches of the trees. Circumferential canopies offer park visitors protection from sun and rain.
The curved roof structure, which is about 130 meters long and up to 39 meters wide, connects the many functional areas of the building. At its south end, the new park restaurant formulates a welcoming gesture for arriving visitors. The dining area is framed by a curved glass façade and looks out over the adjacent Kutzerweiher pond. Large sliding doors allow the restaurant to be extended under the cantilevered canopy during the summer months.


Competition 2018 / 1st prize
Completion 2023
Client Stadtpark Mannheim
Gross floor area 8,978 m²
Gross Volume 52,865 m³

Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 3
68165 Mannheim

Slats in ash
Exterior covering concrete block
Rammed concrete wall
Ceramic facade