Visitor Center, Media and Documentation Center, Museum

Friedland, 2018 / 3rd prize

An elongated two-story block follows parallel to the course of the railroad tracks. Its exterior shape and interior pathway reflect the length of the refugees' journey to Friedland, creating a specific reference to the site. The ground-floor walkway will make the house an integral part of the future museum trail. The foyer with its attached temporary exhibition is accessed from the walkway. Via a flat inclined ramp staircase, the visitor reaches the upper floor following the zenithal incident light. Here, from an elevated position, a view in the direction of the warehouse is possible. The path turns 180 degrees and leads back to the south in a lobby that makes the entire length of the building perceptible. To the right of the lobby are the three exhibition rooms, to the left of this point the view opens onto the track field in front. Benches invite visitors to rest in this contemplative place and allow the track field to become an authentic part of the exhibition. The serial design principle and the raw materiality are derived from the reduced aesthetics of simple warehouse architecture. The relief jointing of the black-glazed wooden structure conjures up a subtle play of shadows on the facade.


Competition 2018
3rd prize