Youth and Community Center Flamingoweg

Stuttgart-Neugereut, 2017

The existing youth center was structurally renovated and expanded to a cross-generational youth and community center. A wide staircase with seating steps bridges the topography and forms a communicative outdoor auditorium. Inside the building, each generation finds its own niche of retreat, yet there is also plenty of room for encounters. The interior development is designed in such a way that the individual areas are linked via foyers, staircases and atriums, yet there is always the possibility of spatial separation. Children and young people occupy the lower floor of the building, while the adults find their citizen's hall and the bistro on the upper level. Square glass tiles have been flush-mounted into the façade plaster, the back of which is printed in metallic brown. The glittering tiles contrast with the matt finish of the plaster and reflect the surroundings in pixeled form. At the same time, the youth and community center is thus given an appropriately high-quality appearance with simple means.


Competition 2013 / 1st prize
Completion 2017
Client Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH
Gross floor area 2,308 m²
Gross volume 10,600 m³

Flamingoweg 24
70378 Stuttgart

Exemplary Building Award - Stuttgart 2015 to 2019

Mastic asphalt Terrazzo
Glass tiles
Smoked oak