City Museum

Oldenburg, 2019 / Honorable Mention

The polygonal structure of the Stadtmuseum emerges from the geometric logic of the site. It adjoins the neighboring buildings on both sides, accompanies the street Am Stadtmuseum and bends with its entrance front towards Lappan and the new forecourt of the museum planned at this location.
Two volumetric incisions in the structural volume emphasize its sculptural quality. The ground-floor incision creates a weather-protected access situation, while the incision on the top floor reduces the distance from the public realm.
The exterior wall will use a handcrafted long form brick in a dark color that accentuates the horizontal layering of the structure. At the same time, this choice of material is a reminiscence of Oldenburg's great clinker tradition. Few, precisely placed openings stage targeted views in the direction of the old town or to the museum garden at the rear. The environment itself thus becomes an exhibit. The openings are framed by wide bronze-covered profiles, which together with the dark brick evoke a handcrafted and valuable impression.


Competition 2019
Honorable Mention