German Embassy Morocco

Rabat, 2018 / 1st prize and construction

Based on the logical internal organization of the embassy area, with its clear sequence and definition of secured and unsecured areas, of public, semi-public and private components and open spaces, the entire site is structured in a composition of rectangular buildings and courtyards in such a way that the more public a function is, the closer it is to the access to the site, and the more private an area is, the further away from this access.Each of these areas is assigned its own, clearly defined open space, which is individually designed according to its function as part of the overall concept of open space design. The compact building body is clearly structured by four two-story incisions. These incisions are understood as exterior spaces (patios) or interior spaces (halls). One hall and one patio each are assigned to the residence and the law firm respectively. The halls allow a spatial connection of the floors appropriate to the size of the official part of the residence or the law firm, while the patios avoid the direct south orientation of the windows, which is unfavorable in the local climate.