Protestant community center

Bad Friedrichshall - Kochendorf, 2021

The new building is placed as an angular structure to the side of the Sebastian Church and together with it encloses the traffic-free church square. The building consists of a two-story head building on the main street and a one-story wing along Schlossstraße. The head building will have a basement, which will be partially accessible at ground level due to the topography. It uses the current parish garden on the busy main road as a construction area and thus serves as a noise buffer for the church square, which will be significantly enlarged in the future. The magnificent existing tree is to be preserved as a formative square tree.

Site plan


Schlossstraße 4
74177 Bad Friedrichshall - Kochendorf

Grundriss Obergeschoss

Anischt Nord

Ansicht Ost

Ansicht West