New district government building

Dusseldorf 2024 / 3rd prize

The new district government building is an eight-part volume with a differentiated staggered height development. This structure results in an appropriate scale of the building masses in the district and numerous accessible roof terraces on different levels. The staggered heights were chosen to create the desired address-forming high point for the district government on Kennedy-Damm. The alternating staggered heights create a building that is inviting on all sides and has no rear sides. In its architectural expression, the new district government avoids the vanity and ostentation often found in comparable high-rise buildings. Its open spatial structure is characterized by slightly splayed PV module strips on each storey, which lend the building horizontality and lightness.

Site plan


Competition 2024
3rd prize

Ground floor plan

Elevation north

1st and 2nd floor

Longitudinal section

Façade detail

Model photo