Festival Hall

Roth, 2014 / 1st prize / stopped after work phase 2

The new festival hall presents a striking silhouette to the city center to the north and to the adjoining city garden to the south. The paved forecourt deliberately separates itself from the existing fairground and creates an appropriately designed apron for the festival hall. On the south side of the hall is a wooden deck overlooking the lake, which can be used by the hall and gastronomy. The glazed foyer lies across the forecourt, formulating a welcoming gesture for arriving visitors. From the foyer there is a generous transition into the banquet hall. The glass front of the hall opens up to a charming view of the adjacent open spaces to the south. The local building material wood dominates the surfaces outside and inside. Careful craftsmanship creates a house with regional reference and pleasant atmosphere.


Competition 2014
Contract after VOF procedure
Project stopped after work phase 2