Vocational school

Regensburg, 2018 / 1st rank and construction

The extension of the Georg-Kerschensteiner Vocational School continues the history of the existing terraced building and extends it with an address-forming building as a southern conclusion. Through this inviting gesture, the currently quite hidden school in the urban area of Regensburg becomes much more visible. The existing dead-end street situation in the floor plan is converted into a structural ring closure, resulting in optimized functionality for the interior spaces of the vocational school. The new building will have a clinker brick façade: its horizontal layers of stone will be bricked up in three alternating shades, thus subtly playing around the colorfulness of the existing building.


Negotiation procedure 2018
1st rank and construction

Alfons-Auer-Straße 20
93053 Regensburg

Ground floor