Museum and Cultural Forum

Arnsberg, 2019

The Sauerland-Museum, located in the historically listed „Landsberger Hof“, has been expanded to become Museum and Cultural Forum South Westphalia. To achieve this, the existing historical building from 1605 was extensively renovated in a first construction phase and the permanent exhibition was redesigned. Phase two comprised an extension building, located on the directly adjacent, 45-degree sloped lot which leads down to Ruhrstrasse and the Ruhr River. This new sculptural construction, whose ground floor lies nearly 20 meters below the entrance level of the prestigious existing building, now enables the museum to house top-level temporary exhibitions of interregional stature. The existing building connects to the extension by means of a bridge-like docking structure from the first basement of “Landsberger Hof”, accentuating this passage with three diagonally cut window openings towards Brückenplatz. The path leads straight to a full height, panoramic window, which opens up - from a height of 15 meters - an impressive view of the city. The “English Promenade”, an existing historical footpath on the hill below Landsberger Hof, was preserved and now passes under the connecting bridge of the two building structures to a public panoramic terrace on the lower roof of the museum.


Competition 2012 / 2nd prize
Replanning 2015
Completion 2019
Client Hochsauerlandkreis
Gross floor area 3,533 m²
Gross volume 16,271 m³

Alter Markt 24-30
59821 Arnsberg

Finalist EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2022
BDA Architecture Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2021

Shortlist DAM Award for Architecture in Germany 2021
best architects 21 Award

BDA Architecture Award South Westphalia 2020
Award for Exemplary Buildings in NRW 2020

Longlist DEZEEN Awards 2020
German Natural Stone Award - Honorable Mention

Shortlist German Architecture Award 2021
Shortlist Heinze Architects Award 21

Shortlist Heinze Architekten Award 21

Gauinger Travertine bush hammered
White terrazzo
Felted clay plaster
Plank floor oak