Culture house 'Auf der Freiheit'

Schleswig, 2019 / 3rd prize

The Culture house 'Auf der Freiheit' is a simple, wood-panelled building that blends in modestly and naturally with the green banks of the Schlei (nature reserve). It takes up the restrained materiality of simple functional buildings and reinterprets them for its own purposes. On the one hand, the cubature ties in with the staggered roof landscape of the existing building and, on the other, creates an attractive visual reference to the water by folding up the southern edge of the roof.

On the southwest side, which is sunny in the afternoon, the new building with its striking folded silhouette faces the existing building and thus carries the message of the culture house into the surrounding area on the banks of the Schlei.


Competition 2019
3rd prize

Ground floor

Upper floor