Criminal Investigation Department and Police Station

Calw, 2021 / 1st prize and construction

The new building on Hirsauer Wiesenweg significantly enhances the northern entrance to the city of Calw with its exposed location. Across the Nagold River, the striking building cannot be overlooked from Bischofstraße, and moreover the Sannwald bridge provides short access routes. The police building is divided into three wings with a differentiated number of stories, creating a scale appropriate to the site and its function. The four-story head building marks the plaza-like access situation on the south side of the lot. The forecourt is flanked on its west side by a two-story building structure that responds to the smaller-scale neighboring development on Hirsauer Wiesenweg. To the north, a three-story wing accompanies the course of the Nagold River, enclosing an inner courtyard. The external geometry of the structure is oriented to the existing streets and the course of the Nagold River, so that the new building grows very naturally with its building site. To the north and east, the building is enclosed by a single-story structure that accommodates the parking spaces for service vehicles and also forms part of the police yard enclosure. With the materiality of the dark wood shingles, laid polygonally, a reference to local traditions and proven craftsmanship is established. In interaction with the row of white painted windows, an image is created that exudes familiarity.

View of the main entrance


Competition 2021
1st prize and construction

Hirsauer Wiesenweg
75365 Calw

Ground floor

First floor

Second floor

Top floor

View south

View east