New innovation campus of the Sto Group

Stühlingen-Weizen, 2024 / 2nd prize

The three volumes, staggered in plan and elevation, face the main road with their striking front side. The staggered floor plan mediates between the different directions of the main road and the urban axis system. The result is a concise composition of cubes, which is pushed into the field of vision of passing cars and thus contributes to an effective corporate identity of the Sto site. The extensive spatial program of the Innovation Campus is divided into eight rectangular modules arranged on an imaginary grid. Despite the large building mass, the staggered heights of the individual modules result in a structured volume that blends in harmoniously with the scale of the site. The intensive greening of the roof surfaces and the green façade of the parking garage contribute to a good integration into the landscape of the Wutach Valley, which is also visible from the adjacent hills.

Site plan


Competition 2024 2nd prize

Ground floor plan
First floor plan


Longitudinal section / Elevation

Facade details

Model photo