MIN-Forum and Faculty of Informatics

Hamburg, 2012 / 1st prize

The new buildings of the MIN-Forum and the Faculty of Informatics form the heart of the new Campus Bundesstraße of the University of Hamburg. The urban master plan for the new campus gives rise to the different character of the two buildings. Whereas the six-story block, as part of the urban block structure, forms an important spatial edge for the campus band and the campus square, the tower structure has a solitary and sculptural quality. It is the dominant feature on the campus plaza as well as the hinge point for the campus band, which sews together the campus areas on both sides of the federal highway. In keeping with the urbanistic significance of the buildings, the library, as the central identification point of a university, will be housed in the tower building, while the cafeteria, central teaching and the entire Faculty of Informatics will be located in the city block. The consistent arrangement of the highly frequented and lively functions on the ground floor of the houses results in a revival of the adjacent urban and university open spaces.


Competition 2012
1st prize and commissioning