Requalification of the Acropole of Byrsa and Rehabilitation of the National Museum of Carthage

Tunisia, 2023 / 1st prize

A key objective of the competition was to develop a concept for the upgrade and revitalization of the "Byrsa (Citadel) of Carthage" excavation and museum area. Located on the Gulf of Tunis, historic Carthage was founded at the end of the 9th century BCE. It covers an area of about 500 hectares and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. In our design, an existing courtyard located between a Catholic cathedral built on the citadel in the 19th century and a seminary built in the same period is proposed as the most suitable location for the new section of the National Museum of Carthage. The new museum will then stand at the center of the approximately 5 hectare site of the historic acropolis of Byrsa and will offer immediate access to all the main archaeological areas. In keeping with an approach that is appropriate to the historical-archaeological significance of the site and at the same time ecologically sensitive, new construction measures are kept to a minimum: Rather than creating a new building on top of the courtyard, a light and transparent umbrella-like structure covers the space, opening up to a view across the excavations to the Mediterranean Sea. With its gridded and modular order, the new structure fits with both confidence and restraint into the context of the neighboring buildings. Contact with and interventions into the ground are reduced to the unavoidable, reflecting the high archaeological significance of the site.

Detail view


Competition 2023
1st prize


Ground floor

Detail exhibition

View of the ensemble with the UNESCO square