Campus Golzheim - Academy of Music and District Government

Düsseldorf, 2022 / 2nd prize

The consolidation of several locations of the Robert Schumann University at the Golzheim Campus offers the opportunity to reduce the high degree of surface sealing by means of a new urban development setting. Clear spatial references to the existing buildings to the north create a robust basic structure for the campus. An east-west oriented main axis establishes the exchange of fresh air as well as the pedestrian and bicycle connection from the Rhine into the urban quarter. By closing the "second green ring", the differentiated sequence of open spaces creates a social open space and ecologically diverse path connection. The zoning of the open space is strengthened by the polygonal cubatures and thus promotes a networked and interactive campus with the inclusion of the existing buildings. Entrance zones are brought into immediate context, visual references are strengthened, and the campus experience is enhanced by the expansions of space. In our design, developed together with asp Architekten and Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, the central park serves as the green lung of the campus and an identity-creating open space that invites passers-by, students, workers and residents to linger, move around and exchange ideas.



Competition 2022
2nd prize

Grundriss Erdgeschoss Musikhochschule

Grundriss 1. und 2. Obergeschoss

Grundriss 3. und 4. Obergeschoss

Grundriss UG / Freiraumkonzept