Green adventure center in the Luisenpark

Mannheim, 2018 / 1st prize and construction

The quality of the Luisenpark is based on the fact that landscape elements let the architectural elements fade into the background. For this reason, the new buildings will not be developed as buildings in the classical sense, but as freely formed single-story pavilions that are surrounded by the park. A roof construction resting on filigree supports covers the storey-high glazed interiors, creating a flowing transition between interior and exterior. The flat silhouette of the slender roof edge slides under the overhanging branches of the trees. Circumferential canopy situations offer visitors protection from sun and rain. The implementation of the amoeba-like building family will give the Luisenpark a new and unmistakable face with an identity-forming ensemble effect until the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Garden Show) in 2023.


Competition 2018
1st prize

Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 3
68165 Mannheim