Extension of the adult education center

Rottenburg am Neckar, 2019 / 1st rank and construction

The existing building of the Rottenburg adult education center, built in 1887, is located on Sprollstraße in the immediate vicinity of the city center. In order to respond to the increased need for space, the kindergarten, music school and adult education center will be expanded and modernized. The adult education center will continue to operate in the historic building. While the existing building is being renovated, a new building is being constructed for the music school, which will be built directly adjacent to the old building. In our design, this new building picks up the U-shaped floor plan of the existing building, opens however by its rotation of 180 degrees to the Sprollstraße. This creates two U-shaped buildings that correspond to each other in their form and cubature - a common entrance is planned between the two buildings.

Design approach

Draft of ground floor plan