Citizen Service Center

Ulm, 2019

The new construction of the Citizen Service Center of the City of Ulm brings together municipal services spread over several sites in one structure, making it the “second town hall” of the city. The building is located only a few metres away from Ulm Main Station, on Olgastrasse, a busy street which traces the perimeter of the medieval city wall. Rising above a two-storey base, a five-storey tower arranges itself concisely in the silhouette of public buildings along Olgastrasse. The light gray, stringent in-situ concrete façade grid has been manually bush-hammered on its whole surface by a stonemason, the edges along the window apertures were chared. Thus the beige coloured Jura stone (also called “Ulm white”), used as a concrete aggregate, was exposed on the concrete’s surface and gives the façade a valuable appearance and a regional focus. As per the guidelines of the City of Ulm, the Center was built based on the German “Passivhaus” (low-energy) standard.


Competition 2013 / 1st prize
Completion 2019
Client City of Ulm
Gross floor area 5,559 m²
Gross volume 20,750 m³

Olgastraße 66
89073 Ulm

Exemplary Building Award - Alb-Donau-Kreis and Ulm 2019
Shortlist Heinze Architekten Award 2019

Translucent curtain
Red felt
Anodized expanded metal
bush hammered in-situ concrete with Jura stone